Bird Watching Tour
This is the perfect tour for bird and nature lovers. Our bilingual naturalist guide will take you to a paradisiacal place, surrounded by exuberant vegetation. There you can connect with nature and observe a great variety of birds that live in our forest. Some birds that you can fi­nd: Black-cheeked Ant-Tanager, Fiery-billed Aracari, Baird’s Trogon and many more.
Historical Golfi­to City Tour

Learn more about our coastal city of Golfito and its surroundings. Our bilingual naturalist guide will show you the places of great cultural interest, history and distinctive features that characterize such a beautiful destination, understanding with experts about the evolution of this region with its archaeological treasures such as the pre-Columbian spheres. You will have the opportunity to observe spectacular landscapes that Golfito offers.

Zamia Tour and Golfi­to Dulce Water Bikes

Transfer by boat to Playa Cacao to take a guided walk through Finca Zamia, where you can observe primates, coatis, guatusas, many birds and the endemic plant that gives the farm its name, the Zamia. In addition, we visit the viewpoints of the farm, which offer a spectacular view of the Golfo Dulce. Then we will return to Golfito to take a tour on water bikes through the Golfito Bay, a unique and ideal experience to enjoy with the family the calm waters of Golfito, where we fi­nish the tour and return to the departure place.

Turtle Spawning

Available: July and December
Recommended tour for lovers of nature and biodiversity. Night walk on a sea turtle nesting beach where you can observe one of the most wonderful things in life. Witness a sea turtle come out of the sea and lay eggs on the beach under the moon and stars.

Medicinal Farm Tour

You will visit a family farm, where our bilingual naturalist guide will show you and explain about different medicinal plants, their functions and how our ancestors used remedies from these natural plants to alleviate different ailments. You will also take a walk through the trails of the farm.

Kite Surf Pavones

Available: December to April-August (Depending on weather conditions)
Our great adventure begins in Golfito, and we will go by car to Playa Pavones, approximately 1 hour from Golfito, until we reach Punta Saleas Lodge, where the instructor and bilingual guide will receive us to tell us everything you need to know to do this sport. Playa Pavones is known worldwide for its second longest le wave, which makes it an ideal place to practice surfi­ng and kite sur­fing. During the drive to Playa Pavones, you can enjoy the beautiful scenic landscape..

Indigenous Territory Ngöbe Cultural Tour
Enjoy the visit to Altamira community of Alto Rio Claro, where our bilingual naturalist guide will take you to meet the Ngöbe indigenous people, who will tell you about their history and customs; you can also make some traditional crafts with them; after this, a walk of about an hour in the forest. We will continue the excursion with a delicious Wood-­red lunch in the Typical House of Mayela, ending the tour with a visit to the Hierbita Waterfall and snacks on the banks of the Pavones River.
Waterfall Climbing in Rio Lagarto
Available: January to August
This tour consists of a walk of approximately 45 min to the shore of the Lagarto River. During the tour you will be able to observe typical plants and animals of the area; upon reaching the spectacular blue waterfall, you can cool off and swim in its waters. Additionally, you can climb and rappel down the waterfall.
Canyoning Tour
Our adventure begins in the Marina Bahía Golfito Parking; the transfer by car will be around 20 min until the entrance to the property. We will continue with a walk of approximately 30 min to the top of the mountain, and then reach the river canyon, where we will descend 3 waterfalls with rappelling. You can make several jumps and swim in the refreshing poses. Canyoning is an adventure sport where participants receive instructions to learn to do all the activities. In canyoning we have 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Catarata Meta Ponto Tour
The tour starts at Marina Bahía Gol­fito, for a drive of approximately 1.5 hours to the community of Meta Ponto. Followed by a walk of approximately 1 hour, which consists of a descent of almost 1 kilometer to the foot of the waterfall, which is one of the largest in the country with a height of 146 meters. For lunch, we will make a stop at a typical and cozy restaurant, where you can choose to your liking.
Tarzan Swing Adventure with Panoramic View and Adams Hill Hike
Leaving from Marina Bahía Golfi­to, in a trip of a few minutes to the top of Adams Hill. In a short tour of the trail, you will observe a variety of animals such as monkeys, toucans, sloths, and other species, which will welcome you to venture into a Tarzan Swing, from which you will have the opportunity to take wonderful pictures with the view of the Golfo Dulce and the sunset.
Chocolatey Coco Cultural Tour
A Costa Rican family will welcome you and show you how to make chocolate in a rustic and traditional way. The participants will learn about the fruit, the drying and roasting processes and fi­nally they will grind the chocolate to make a hot or cold drink, according to the taste of each one. With coconut, we will learn some recipes and will prepare cajetas. Additionally, you can do activities such as hiking and Tarzan Swing.
Turquoise Waterfall Tour
On this tour we will travel from Golfi­to to the community of Río Esquinas, where we will go on a hike of medium difficulty level, until we reach the tributaries of the Esquinas River, where turquoise-green waterfalls wait for us. In these falls you can swim, enjoy rappel, learn about native plants, and observe a great variety of fauna.
Cultural and Adventure Tour to The Boruca Indigenous Community
Participate in an indigenous craft workshop after a picturesque trip from Marina Bahía Gol­fito to the Boruca indigenous reserve. The Boruca are a people who will teach us the good use of natural resources reflected in their way of using the raw material provided by the environment, for the production of balsa wood and cedar masks, obtaining natural dyes for fabrics and other handicrafts. These activities help maintaining a sense of togetherness and authenticity of their ancestral culture. At the end of the workshop, we continue the adventure with a visit to the spectacular Boruca River where you can relax, cool off and swim. Optional you can rappel. Upon returning from the river, you will taste a delicious lunch prepared by the people of the community with typical dishes of the area.
Tour to the Caverns
Available: January to April
In this tour we will be able to ­find one of the most beautiful caverns in the country, where we will travel from Golfi­to to the Corredores Town. We will start the adventure with a walk along the riverbank to the entrance of the caverns, upon arrival we will continue inside the cavern in an underground river. Inside the caverns we can enjoy the incredible rock formations sculpted by the water for thousands of years. You can also see different species of bats, insects, blind ­fish, shrimp and much more.
Adventure Between Waterfalls (Las Viquillas)
Enjoy a combination of the best adventure activities in one tour! The adrenaline will start before you arrive when you will cross a suspension bridge by the vehicle. The walk to the falls is approximately one hour on a path surrounded by plantations, rainforest, and a river, which you will cross several times. You will be able to enjoy the natural pools by bathing, jumping on a Tarzan rope and rappelling down a waterfall.
Extreme Adventure Corcovado National Park
For its dense vegetation, wildlife biodiversity, and panoramic views, Corcovado is the largest National Park to visit in Costa Rica. The primary and secondary forest are inhabited by astonishingly diverse biology. This natural reserve stands out for its large population of endangered animals such as jaguars, tapirs, ocelots, scarlet macaws, and white lipped peccaries. Discover with us the last refuge of the Humid Tropical Forest of the Paci­c Coast, in a truly wild journey.
Surf Lessons
Costa Rica has one of the best-known places in the world to practice surfi­ng, which is Playa Pavones, which offers perfect areas for beginners or experienced surfers. Pavones is also known for having the second longest left wave, which makes it a very visited place by surfers from all over the world. After the surf lessons, you will have time to practice what you have learned with our experts.
Lovely Walk
Get off the beaten track and discover the wildlife that inhabits this young secondary jungle. Discover accessible waterfalls of virgin water that flow into a blue lagoon. This is a good option for families looking for an easy, short distance, but intense ride. Bathing in the waterfall Will also be an unforgettable moment for everyone.
Piedras Blancas National Park Nature Tour
For active adventurers up for the challenge, this hike takes them deep into the wilderness and mountains. This almost unknown piece of land is part of the Osa Conservation Area, where it is expected to observe the most unknown wildlife and birdlife in the area. Its inhabitants are exclusive species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. The Park is largely unexplored and is home to a wide variety of exceptional trees and plants. The trails and undisturbed forest of Piedras Blancas National Park make this place a prime location for jungle trekking.